The Story of H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co

H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co traces its origins back to the year 1909 when three brothers began operating a small sawmill on a farm three and one-half miles south of Ailey, Georgia. 

H.V. Thompson, Sr. and his two brothers produced lumber from trees on their farm, supplying lumber to their neighbors for building houses, barns, and cow lots. Their business grew, using a portable sawmill and moving from job to job throughout Montgomery County in order to meet the lumber requirements of farmers and builders. 

In just a few years, the Thompson brothers expanded their interests by opening a general store in Ailey. This store operated for many years under the name H.V. Thompson and Brothers. After buying out their interest in 1916, H.V. Thompson, Sr. moved the sawmill to its present site in Ailey. 

As the state of the economy worsened immediately after World War I and with hard money becoming scarce, H.V. Thompson, Sr. continued the sawmill operation, many times being unable to pay workers with cash, but by operating a commissary store was able to make food, staples, and clothing available to pay workers for their work. 

A system was used whereby workers were paid tokens redeemable at the commissary. This proved successful and enabled the company to continue operations and to offer work until the economy improved in 1939 just before World War II. 

Upon the death of H.V. Thompson, Sr. in 1939, the sawmill operation was continued by two of his sons, H.V. and T.G. Thompson. Currently, the sawmill and retail business, H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co, is managed and run by the third and fourth generation of the Thompson family, Thomas, and Rhett. 

Through many ups and downs in the lumber industry, this small family-owned operation has survived and evolved to now produce quality heart pine and cypress lumber. 

From large steam boilers using slabs and refuse for fuel to modern electric powered equipment, the company has been at the forefront in developing and utilizing new equipment and methods in the manufacture and grading of lumber. 

H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co may have modern equipment and machinery, but we still produce old-fashioned quality with personal attention to detail as we did when we were founded in 1909.

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