Quality Wood Products That Are Locally Sourced

Because all of the wood used by H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co is locally sourced and milled and processed on-site, you can count on the quality of our wood by-products. 

Since 1909, H.V. & T.G. Thompson Lumber Co has been providing quality wood by-products to the Ailey, GA area.
Wood Dry Shavings

Wood Dry Shavings Made On-Site

Dry shavings are a mixture of pine and cypress and it is used for animal beddings, such as horse stalls, chicken and goat pens, and dog houses. Sawdust is used as boiler fuel by paper mills and can be harrowed into gardens for fertilizer.

Wood By-Products Available

  • Shavings
  • Sawdust

FREE Quotes Available on Wood Products

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